Reptile Rescue Orange County - RROC

    Welcome to Reptile Rescue Orange County

RROC is an Orange County based 501(c)3 Non-Profit Public Benefit Organization located at:

22762 Aspan St. STE 208, Lake Forest, CA 92630


RROC's purpose is to find quality homes for reptiles, amphibians, Invertebrates, and all other exotic animals that people can no longer care for. RROC also provides education for the public relating to exotic animals. We carefully screen all potential adopters.

RROC will take in any reptile, amphibian, arachnid, or other exotic animal that needs a new home and/or medical attention. We have years of experience keeping and working with these animals. For more info on the adoption process, please see our "Adoption Policies" page.

We hope this site can provide a service of finding good homes, with good people for these amazing animals! 

For anyone unfamiliar with the term "herp", this term comes from the word herpetology and is used to include all reptiles and amphibians.

  Arachnids  (Spiders & Scorpions)

If you have a pet arachnid that you no longer wish to keep, or must get rid of, give us a call. We can take in anything from scorpions to tarantulas.

        PLEASE BE ADVISED ! ! !

RROC's upper management is currently comprised of Sam Makki, Eric Alspaugh, & Stephen Watkins. RROC does NOT have affiliates or "partners". If someone not listed here claims to be affiliated with this organization please call (949) 291-0701 to verify. Thank you.


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